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At Amor Mi Vida Farm we make our everyday farm life available to you.. From Norman our handraised Emu to Maverick, our ambassador Alpaca we have a lot of love to share. Our succulent nursery specializes in a wide variety grown here on the farm.  We also supply our farm store with produce & plants grown on the farm.  We create custom succulent arrangements using creative and vintage containers. Our farm store is filled with unique gifts and treasures.  we carry alpaca products that are provided from the fibers of our shorned alpacas, Farm fresh eggs from our chickens, ducks, & quail, Homemade seasosnal Jams, Raw Local Honey, and specialty gift baskets for every occasion, we are also adding new goodies throughout the year.  In addition to all that we supply succulent table decor for local resturants and catering events.  Stop by during the farm  hours Saturday & Sunday from 9-4pm say hi Hazel & Dozer our Kune Kune Pigs and pick up some farm fresh goodies. 

IMG_20210710_073140_860 (1).jpg

Norman has been with us since she was 5 days old. She was been hand raised and lived in our kitchen for the first couple months. Now she greets all our visitors and loves sparkly objects and strawberries 


Maverick is our ambassador alpaca.  He loves to stand tall on the fence to get close to you.  He is the father of all our babies and protects everyone in his herd including the goats.  During kidding season you can find him being a jungle gym for the babies to climb on. such a gentle soul

Hazel & Dozer

Hazel & Dozer are our beloved 300lb+ Kune Kune Pigs. As you can see they love each other so much.  They also love to sit for a cookie treat from their friends.

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